Train Times 2014
(as of March 2014)
Bur Sudan - Atbara
freight trains operate

Khartoum - Wadi Halfa


Khartoum - Atbara
Trains 211 and 212 conveys seating coaches of 3rd class and air-conditioned sleeper-calls; Trains are called NILE EXPRESS
Trains are made-up from new Chinese-built Diesel-Multiple-Units DMU, introduced recently
DAILY passenger train runs from Khartoum New Central Station at 21.30, calling at Shendi at 02.00, Ed Damer at 06.00, arriving at Atbara at 07.30 next day
DAILY passenger train runs from Atbara at 21.30, calling at Ed Damer at 23.00, Shendi at 03.00, arriving at Khartoum New Central Station at 07.30 next day
Trains 211 and 212 convey first class sleeper (air-conditioned), 2nd 3rd class seating coaches
Khartoum-Atbara fares: 1st class SDP 60.00, 3rd class SDP 20.00

A daily freight train Khartoum-Atbara and v.v. has been confirmed as of July 10, 2013

Khartoum - El Obeid
service withdrawn until further notice, please check locally
Freight services operate on request

Khartoum - Nyala
Currently freight trains operates from Khartoum to Nyala and v.v.
Passenger services :
A passenger service is operating between Er Rahad and Nyala, a distance of 698 km.
EL SALLAM EXPRESS leaves Er Rahad every two weeks (day and time not fixed) and calls at El-Birka** (km 65), El-Hamadi** (km 82), Dubeibat (km 101), Jebel Durus** (km 136),  Abû Zabad (km 169),
Daggag** (km 215), Rigl-el-Fulla (km 289), Sumua** (km 322), Babanusa Junction (km 362), Et-Tibun** (km 414), Adeila** (km 451), Ed-Daein (km 547), Ma'ali** (km 581), Kassib ** (km 615), Bileil** (km 681), arrives at Nyala (km 698) days and time not fixed
EL SALLAM EXPRESS  leaves Nyala every two weeks (day and time not fixed) and calls at Bileil**, Kassib**, Ma'ali**, Ed-Daein, Adeila**, Et.Tibun**, Babanusa Junction, Sumua**, Rigl-el-Fulla, Daggag**, Abû Zabad, Jebel Durus**, Dubeibat, El-Hamadi**, El-Birka**, Ar-Adeib Junction** (9 km from Er Rahad; passengers to El-Obeid can leave the train here and make their own way to El-Obeid) to Er Rahad.
Journey: 40-50 hours each way
Fares (as of March 2014) Er Rahad - Nyala: Sleeper SDP 210.00; 1st class seat SDP 125.00; 2nd class seat SDP 90.00; 3rd class seat SDP 70.00
** stations marked with ** are stops on request, all other stations are regular stops

Khartoum - Sennar - Ed Damazine
No traffic reported on this line.
Sennar - Ed Damazine closed to all traffic as per January 2014

Khartoum - Sennar - Bur Sudan
Freight services operates several times a year from Kassala to Haiya Junction and Bur Sudan

Bananusa - Waw
Line rehabilitated
Babanusa - El Muglad (35 km) very limited freight traffic, in part extended to Abu Jabra Oil Terminal branch (km 86)
Since independence of South Sudan train traffic has been withdrawn until further notice

Abu Hamed - Karima
An occasional freight service from Atbara runs via Abu Hamed to Karima, when it is running it leaves Atbara the second or third Saturday of the month, it is not known if passengers are conveyed, the train returns after duty, about 4 days later.
Freight service confirmed August 2013.

Kashm-el-Ghirba - New Halfa
No traffic reported in 2008 and 2009.

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