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Fahrplancenter is specialized in selling railway timetables from all over the world. In many cases no timetables are produced by the railways concerned so Fahrplancenter is publishing such timetables if sufficient information can be received from railway adminstrations.
Fahrplancenter is also official retailer of Thomas Cook Timetables, offering single copies and subscriptions of the Thomas Cook Overseas Timetable and the Thomas Cook European Timetable . Ask for timetables which aren't on the list, may be we can help.
New: A multilingual price-list about current timetables is published in this Homepage.

You'll find also a lot about timetable news world-wide on this site.

We have also a large stock of railway network maps as far as available.
They are currently listed in German language at:   Kartenpreisliste

An ever growing stock of books about extra-european railways is also available.
Books about countries, like as from North America, Latin-America, Africa, Asia, Australasia and several lesser known European countries (like Greece, Finnland, Sweden etc.) can be found at the respective pages (all in German only at present).
For countries from Mexico to Argentina look at Bücherliste Lateinamerika
For the United States and Canada look at   Bücherliste Nordamerika
For books from and about countries on the African continent look at Bücherliste Afrika
For books from the famous Asian continent from the Near East to China and India look at   Bücherliste Asien
At   Bücherliste Australien    you can find an expanding stock of books about Australia and New Zealand
For books about railways of lesser known European countries please klick on   Bücherliste Europa
There are also some books not dedicated to a specific region or continent, they are listed under   Internationale Titel
At a later time this lists may also be published in English, but because Fahrplancenter is a one man enterprise this may take some time. Thank you for your understanding.

(Sorry we do not stock books about railways in Central Europe, for this please contact:
Peter Lais Eisenbahnbücher, Lokomotivdepot, Lindstrasse 35, CH-8400 Winterthur;
Tel. +41 / 52 / 214 0980, Fax +41 / 52 / 214 0981; or by e-mail at : eisenbahnbuch@bluewin.ch

Fahrplancenter is also official representation of  Tunisian National Railways (SNCFT) and we sell the Railpass "Carte Bleue" for rail travelling in Tunisia. Information about the Railpasses can be found at Tunesische Bahnen   . Furthermore a condensed version of the current long-distance rail passenger services timetables can be found at  Fahrplan SNCFT . A picture gallery shows you Tunisian Railways and informs you about their history and their lines.

Fahrplancenter has also a large stock of railway magazines from countries like the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Spain, The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and so on. This offer is listed on Zeitschriftenliste .

At Weitere Angebote   you are entering to some special offers, like as outdated timetables at
Abgelaufene Fahrpläne   or timetable reprints at Fahrplannachdrucke .
You can find some sets of postcards at  Postkarten   and Calendars, new every year, are listed at Kalenderliste .

Don't hesitate to contact Fahrplancenter by mail, fax or e-mail at:
Fahrplancenter, S. Rachdi, Bahnhof, CH-6422 Steinen SZ /Switzerland
Tel. +41 / 41 / 832 0134; Fax +41 / 41 / 832 0135
e-mail: fahrplan@hotmail.com  or  info@fahrplancenter.com

Es también posíble de contactar Fahrplancenter en español.
O Fahrplancenter pode-ser contactado também em portugês.
Contactez Fahrplancenter en français s.v.p.

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